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Call for adult-only flights: survey

22 March 2011 10:52

A survey has found that holidaymakers would like to be on a flight that has 'adult-only' areas

A survey has found that holidaymakers would like to be on a flight that has 'adult-only' areas

While travel insurance can ease your stress and worries over something going wrong on your journey, it cannot reduce the chances of being stuck on a noisy plane.

A new survey has revealed that to minimise potential disruption, the introduction of 'adult-only' flights would be popular among British holidaymakers.

A survey conducted by travel add-ons provider Holiday Extras found that 83% of people would like to have areas just for adults on planes.

Nearly a third of the 5,000 people polled find noisy children a serious problem and would like them banned from flights, while 51% would be happy for adult-only cabins to be introduced..

A solution to the problem could be the provision of more services to parents so they can keep their children entertained for the flight's duration, according to Anthony Clarke-Cowell, head of product innovation and merchandising at Holiday Extras.

"I'm surprised so many travellers have expressed such a strong desire for adult-only flights," he said.

"Flights abroad always present a challenge for families and this is reflected in the results. There is clearly a need for more facilities to keep children happily engaged in quieter pastimes both during and before a flight."