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Couples disagree on holiday venue

25 May 2012 09:00

Marbella is a popular destination

Marbella is a popular destination

Over 52% of holidaying couples cannot agree where they want to go according to a poll of 2,000 adults by travel agent

Unsurprisingly 37% have a disagreement over booking the holiday but once abroad two-thirds of couples will argue, mostly over money or time spent together and 25% will row by the third day.

Men are agitated by their partners looking at other men while most women blame alcohol for any disagreements. Travel insurance can help you pay for medical costs or lost baggage in a foreign country.

For a romantic couple beach breaks are the most popular and 56% of couples felt their relationship was better after a vacation but 22% said they could not find a European destination that satisfied their every need.

Jessica Craker ebookers UK marketing manager said: "Holidays are a great excuse to spend quality time with your loved one and should be a wonderful experience, so it's a shame some people aren't getting the most out of them."

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