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The most eco-friendly ways to travel

04 November 2020 08:44

How to travel with a green mindset

How to travel with a green mindset

Learn how to be a more responsible traveller with our top green travel tips...

1. Look for alternative transport

Could you reach your destination by car, train or sea instead of flying? It's not always doable, but there's still ways you can cut down your carbon emissions with air travel: avoiding short haul flights, cutting your connections and choosing airlines with higher occupancy.

2. Choose environmentally-friendly accommodation

Take the time to research your accommodation options and find a hotel or lodging that's as committed to sustainability as you are. Look for somewhere that recycles, is energy efficient and resources consumables from local traders. Or if you want to go really green, why not consider a camping adventure?

3. Support the local community

There's always opportunity to support local people while you're away, whether that's by shopping in smaller stores, choosing local produce or eating out in smaller restaurants. All these decisions will go toward supporting the community rather going to big chains or franchises. You may even discover something new.

4. Avoid bottled water

Bottled water isn't just expensive, it's a huge waste of plastic. Invest in your own water flask, so you can refill with cool water and keep it with you on the go. You can find water refill stations at airports and some stations, so you don't have to splash out on overpriced water for your journey.

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