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Festivals offering musical holiday options

28 June 2016 08:04

Wellies are among people's festival essentials

Wellies are among people's festival essentials

Foreign festivals have grown in popularity among Britons looking to combine a music event with a holiday.

But whether they plan to visit festivals in the UK or further afield, it seems Britons are expected to spend hundreds of pounds on tickets this year.

An average sum of £419 is now spent on tickets, American Express said, although the figure is higher among men than women (£552 versus £281).

The credit card firm's research additionally flagged up large regional differences in the amount people are willing to spend on festival tickets this year.

For example, the typical figure among Londoners, of £735, is said to be £537 higher than that seen among those in Sheffield.

Travel insurance benefits

For those heading to foreign festivals, travel insurance could come in handy this summer.

It can protect them against common holiday mishaps such as lost luggage and accidents.

Other festival costs

As American Express has pointed out, tickets are only one expense which festival goers face.

Jenny Cheung, director at the firm, said: "The festival season is about to swing into full gear and with so many things to cross off the shopping list, from getting a new tent to purchasing those essential wellies, spending can soon add up."

Budgeting guidance

With Glastonbury already under way and many more music events to come this summer at home and overseas, American Express has offered some budgeting guidance to Britons.

For instance, it says people should agree with their friends what approach they should take to spending during a festival - and questions should be asked over how bills are to be split.

People should also check travel prices as soon as they decide to go to a festival, with the group stating: "By planning ahead, you can take advantage of booking your travel tickets in advance to get a better deal."