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Festive flyers urged to be security-conscious

26 July 2016 09:05

Taking off woollies can cause delays at airports

Taking off woollies can cause delays at airports

People flying from Manchester Airport over the festive period are being advised to take off their winter clothes to speed up waiting times during security checks.

The chillier weather means passengers wear more coats, gloves, hats and scarves, and if they have to unzip, untie and unbutton a lot of garments it can add more than a minute per person to the screening process.

Andrew Proudlove, head of security at the airport, says winter weather fashion has a "surprisingly big impact" on airport security, slowing down the screening process and causing avoidable extra waiting times.

He is advising passengers to take off their coats, extra layers, big boots, scarves and hats while they are waiting in the security queue so they can put them straight in the tray for screening.

Christmas getaway

More than 400,000 passengers - an average of 45,000 a day - are expected to travel through Manchester Airport between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day.

In all the excitement to get away, passengers can sometimes forget essentials, but it is vital that people do not fly without having taken out travel insurance first.

H and luggage

Airport bosses are also asking passengers to carefully consider what they put in their hand luggage before they get to the screening process as this can cause more delays and even lead to Christmas presents being confiscated.

Items most likely to be taken away include perfume, make-up, aftershave and bottles of champagne, which are prohibited under the liquid restrictions rule.

Festive items not allowed in hand luggage include cranberry sauce, brandy butter and snow globes.


Most airlines ban Christmas crackers from hand baggage, but some will allow one box per passenger to be carried in hand baggage.

Gift-wrapped presents can be ruined if a bag they are in needs to be fully searched, as security staff have to unwrap the present to inspect the contents.

Mr Proudlove says the rules regarding what travellers cannot pack in their hand luggage are exactly the same at Christmas as they are for the rest of the year.

Anyone in doubt about what they can carry should check with their airline first.