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How to find a cheap holiday deal for 2021

20 November 2020 09:04

Save the pennies and the holiday memories will take care of themselves

Save the pennies and the holiday memories will take care of themselves

Despite the situation we're all in, tourism enterprises around the world are keen to get guests back. And in order to lure them, they're slashing prices left, right and centre. The most important thing right now is only to travel when you feel safe and ready to do so. But if you're ready, it's a great time to get a great holiday deal for 2021.

Here are some tips to help you find the best prices.

Choose a hotel off the beaten track

While you may be tempted to head straight to your favourite resort, bear in mind that these tend to be the places not only with the highest prices, but with the tightest restrictions too. Instead, try to look for lesser-known hotels. The family-owned Bed & Breakfast down the road from your favourite all-inclusive is far more likely to want to draw visitors in - and their prices will most likely reflect that.

Travel during the off-season

Just because there's a global pandemic doesn't mean holiday companies will have forgotten about seasonality. Expect prices to be much higher around school holidays, festivals and public holidays, even in 2021. Try to avoid these peaks if you're looking for the best deal.

Choose a package holiday

Not only do package holidays tend to be cheaper, they are also more likely to come with greater protections - meaning it will be easier to make alternative travel arrangements or get your money back if the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office suddenly imposes travel restrictions on your destination.

Haggle, haggle, haggle

You don't have to settle for prices you see advertised online or in your local travel agent. If you see somewhere you like, it can be a good idea to get in touch with the accommodation provider directly. At a time when Airbnb hosts and hoteliers are hungry to secure guests, there's a good chance they'll be more willing to negotiate prices.

Consider alternatives to air travel

Global air travel plunged in 2020, with the total number of flights still down by over 45% compared to 2019. As airlines slowly start to get back on their feet, demand for airline tickets may outweigh supply in 2021 - which could in turn push prices up. From the incredible Orkney Isles to the French Riviera, you can reach some incredible destinations by boat, coach and train.

Book your travel insurance early

Anything could happen between now and 2021, so make sure you're protected. At World First we offer worldwide travel insurance, so you can look forward to your next holiday with peace of mind.