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Flight delays landing over deer

18 April 2013 08:58

A deer wandered onto an airfield, according to reports

A deer wandered onto an airfield, according to reports

A deer which had wandered onto an airfield in Scotland meant a flight had to delay its landing, it has been reported.

The Ryanair flight from Faro was due to land at Prestwick airport but air traffic control instructed the pilot to fly a "go-around" and land on the second approach after spotting the animal.

The Scotsman reported that air traffic control saw the deer at 11am on Sunday. Such incidents reinforce the importance of taking out travel insurance before jetting off on holiday.

No further delays were reported as a result of the incident, with the deer disappearing from the airfield, according to the reports.

Neither the passengers nor the deer were injured in the incident.

One passenger told the Scotsman: "We were almost down. We were coming over the last farm when we pulled back up again. I am not a good flyer and I found it quite shocking. Everybody was looking at one another, wondering what was going on."