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Flight times 'cut short' holidays

01 June 2012 09:01

The departure and arrival times holidaymakers choose can work against them, a new study suggests

The departure and arrival times holidaymakers choose can work against them, a new study suggests

Research has suggested that a lack of planning when it comes to flight times can trim the duration of people's holidays.

The poll of nearly 2,000 people showed that many are unwittingly cutting short their holidays by making poor choices over what time they fly.

A survey of 1,992 holidaymakers who had gone on a one-week trip in the past 24 months revealed the majority (nearly 80%) did not think about flight schedules when booking their overseas break.

The participants in the study said they touched down at their destination from around 5pm to 7pm local time on average, and were due to fly back between 8am and 10am.

Analysis showed the typical holiday lasting seven days was often technically only five days as a result of flight time choices.

Nearly two-thirds of those questioned said it would have "improved their holiday" if they had arranged alternative flight times which allowed them to lengthen their stay.

But no matter how much planning goes into flight times and other elements of our holidays, there's no way you can cover unforeseen circumstances. To this end travel insurance is vital for offering peace of mind. So, if you're jetting off, don't leave without cost-effective travel insurance from World First. co-founder Chris Clarkson said: "It's easy for a seven-day holiday to become a five-day one with poorly-selected flight times, so it's certainly something to think about.

"While flight times at unsocial hours can be unattractive, they can often save you money. And departing early from the UK, but late back from your destination, is a bonus."