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Florida 'cheapest for car hire'

06 August 2013 09:20

Florida is the cheapest place for holidaymakers to hire a car, according to a poll

Florida is the cheapest place for holidaymakers to hire a car, according to a poll

Florida has emerged as the cheapest overseas holiday destination for hiring a car, according to research.

For those holidaymakers wishing to hire a vehicle for a week, America's sunshine state offered by far the best deal, with Bulgaria and Malta the next two cheapest alternatives.

The study, carried out by Post Office Travel Money, also warned that hidden costs can hit holidaymakers if they fail to take out excess waiver insurance (EWI) and end up having an accident in the vehicle.

Florida, however, keeps its hire charges down because it does not charge for EWI. It would cost just £164.69 for a seven-day hire, including extras, an additional driver, plus 40 litres of petrol.

In Bulgaria the cost would be £242.09 and in Malta it is £255.49. The costliest of the 10 destinations surveyed was Cyprus at £362.29.

Issues with hire vehicles are just one of things that can go wrong on a holiday, which is why people should always arrange travel insurance before jetting off.

The survey also studied 20 destinations and compared how much it would cost in extra charges if an accident occurred and EWI had not been paid upon hiring the vehicle.

Florida did not qualify as it made no charge, however, the cheapest charge was £400 in Turkey, then £404 in Bulgaria and £471 in Austria. The most-expensive charges were in Ireland (£1,186), Switzerland (£1,064) and Portugal (£961).

Andrew Brown of Post Office Travel Money said: "Car hire costs can go through the roof when extras are added so it is understandable that many motorists go for the cheapest rate offered when booking online."

However, he warned that what sometimes seems a good deal can in some cases later turn out expensive.

He added: "It can also be very difficult to find out the cost of EWI before travel and it is only when collecting the car that what seemed a cheap deal becomes a very expensive one.

"However, the consequence of not paying for the extra insurance could be a much higher bill if you have an accident or if another driver hits your car and leaves without giving his details."