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Food warning for Mexico travellers

11 August 2016 08:08

Mexico travellers have been urged to stay vigilant

Mexico travellers have been urged to stay vigilant

Health bosses have warned people holidaying in Mexico after tourists were struck down with food poisoning.

A number of UK holidaymakers have been infected with the cyclospora parasite, thought to come from a foodstuff supplied to hotels.

Symptoms have included vomiting and diarrhoea, according to Fitfortravel - an arm of NHS Scotland.

Grandmother's dream holiday "ruined"

Julie Hughes, 55, from Runcorn, Cheshire fell sick on a romantic trip to celebrate the 40th anniversary of meeting her husband.

She suffered violent vomiting and diarrhoea after a two-week break in Riviera Maya.

The grandmother of three said: "We were celebrating 40 years together and had been at the resort for over a week when I started vomiting and having the most horrendous diarrhoea. I was in so much pain."

She added that she lost a stone in weight and still has to watch what she eats more than a month on from falling ill.

Ms Hughes said: "I'm so disappointed that the holiday was ruined as we were using part of my mum's inheritance to celebrate 40 years together. Instead of a romantic trip I ended up terribly ill."

Long-term sickness

Amy Tudge, 22, from Windsor, Berkshire, was celebrating her third anniversary with boyfriend Edward Munsen, 23, at the same resort at the start of June.

She said: "We came back thinking we had had the best holiday ever and planning to return again. But two days later we were struck down by the worst sickness and bad stomach we have ever had."

She added that although she had been careful - not having ice in her drinks and even using bottled water to brush her teeth - her doctor diagnosed her with cyclospora.

She said: "We were both sick on and off for a month and it was awful."

Avoiding medical costs

Holidaymakers can avoid extra medical costs by taking out trusted travel insurance that will cover them should they be taken ill while on a trip.