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Future holiday trends revealed

02 October 2014 09:12

Skyscanner has revealed what it believes will be the holiday trends of the future

Skyscanner has revealed what it believes will be the holiday trends of the future

Travel comparison website Skyscanner has revealed what it believes will be the holiday trends of the future.

The Future of Travel 2024: Destination and Hotels report predicts that people will travel to space in 10 years' time or spend their holidays in underwater hotels.

Travellers will be able to personalise their hotel rooms via their mobile phones to help them get a feel of home - or any other place they wish to be.

Skyscanner says a wide range of "intuitive and embedded technology" will be available for holidaymakers, such as interactive walls that can display beaches, mountains or other landscapes.

Other innovations will include pillows that help travellers sleep better, and pyjamas fitted with sensors to monitor the wearer's health.

The company even predicts that hotel rooms will soon feature sonic showers that can remove dirt from people's bodies through ultrasonic vibrations.

Space tourism will be "well-established" by 2024, the report adds, and travelling to far-away planets will have become much more affordable.

Underwater hotels, a few of which can already be found in exclusive resorts in Dubai or the Maldives, will be much more mainstream in 10 years' time.

The views are bound to be special regardless of whether you take a trip above the earth or below it, Skyscanner adds - but one thing that's not going to change is the need to take out travel insurance before you set off on your trip.

The 2024 report also features a range of new destinations that are likely to emerge as trends in 10 years' time.

People are likely to take more trips to regions which are home to endangered species, for example in sub-Saharan Africa or South America.

Peer-to-peer travel, where people spend their holidays with locals and away from hotels, is also expected to emerge as a trend - along with new "collaborative online travel tools" that will help travellers make more authentic experiences on their trips.