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Good food 'key to good holiday'

24 February 2014 09:23

Good food is an essential part of a good holiday, says a study

Good food is an essential part of a good holiday, says a study

Good food is an essential ingredient of a good holiday for around two-thirds of British travellers, according to a poll.

Britain really is a country of gastronomes, suggests the survey undertaken by travel search site momondo.

More than a quarter (26%) are eager to sample unusual dishes when abroad, while 45% claim they like to mix old favourites with a few local specialities.

But when experimenting with new, exotic dishes abroad, there can be the prospect of falling ill after eating something.

This is one more reason why holidaymakers are advised to take out comprehensive travel insurance.

The poll found that only 15% of people keep to familiar food while on holiday and just 4% prefer to cook their own dishes.

Dining out seems to be an obligatory luxury for holidaymakers.

Nearly two-thirds (65%) claim they make for a restaurant with their spouse or family as one of their favourite activities.

Tourists travelling solo also enjoy sampling the local restaurants during a getaway, with 19% saying its one of their favourite activities.

Savouring the local cuisine is so key to holidaymakers that 65% list good food as an essential travel experience.

This comes just behind "good opportunities for relaxing", which is vital for 70% of those polled.

Britons' love of food isn't so great when they return to the UK, however.

Just 8% include it as among the things they like most about their own country.

The majority of people asked rated the UK's people, weather, culture and nature above our culinary skills.

Julie Pedersen, travel spokesperson at momondo, described Britons as "culinary curious people".

She said: "This study reflects how food is the focal point for many of us when we travel."

Ms Pedersen said cuisine is a natural part of the sensory experience, so it follows that holidaymakers wish to taste different things when in new, exciting destinations.