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Heavy metal star gets cancer all-clear

21 May 2015 08:38

Bruce Dickinson has beaten cancer

Bruce Dickinson has beaten cancer

One of heavy metal music's most energetic stars has been given the all clear from cancer.

Doctors found a tumour on Bruce Dickinson's tongue during a standard check-up at the end of last year.

The 56-year-old Iron Maiden singer had radiology and chemotherapy but his latest MRI scan shows he is clear of the cancer.

What Dickinson says about his cancer battle

The Aces High singer said he now feels "extremely motivated", citing his enthusiasm to return to the stage as quickly as possible.

Dickinson thanked the "fantastic" physicians who treated him in recent months and called the outcome "amazing".

He also sent his gratitude to Iron Maiden followers around the world for all their kind thoughts and words.

A holiday after being given the all-clear?

A holiday is a good way to celebrate getting the all-clear. But this can bring uncertainty surrounding suitable insurance cover. The good news is cancer travel insurance is available for those who have survived the disease.

When will the Maiden return?

To give Dickinson time to recover, Iron Maiden will delay hitting the road until 2016.

Ron Smallwood, the band's manager, said it should take some time before Dickinson is totally back to optimum strength, although he is already keen to get back.

Smallwood called Dickinson's fitness levels "indefatigable" and said the band's followers would understand the postponement.

To whet their appetites, Mr Smallwood added that Iron Maiden would be launching a new album before the end of this year.