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Help through health and safety maze

21 February 2013 09:11

Travel agents and other businesses can now get advice about health and safety from two new guides by Abta

Travel agents and other businesses can now get advice about health and safety from two new guides by Abta

Two guides have been created to help those working in the travel industry get to grips with health and safety requirements. The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) wants the publications to help its members understand what their responsibilities are in this area. The organisation has produced a short five-step guide for travel agents and principals about what their health and safety requirements are as well as a more detailed publication about planning and managing policies.

The in-depth guide will be released at the end of this month and is titled Demystifying Destination Health and Safety Management. It looks at the practical side of putting destination health and safety systems in place. Both publications were created by experienced staff at ABTA using knowledge gained from working with a variety of organisations and businesses including health and safety authorities, travel insurance providers and governments in other countries.

Nikki White, ABTA's head of destinations and sustainability, said the association's members had to prioritise their customers' health and safety. But she said it could be an intimidating and complicated area and she hoped the two new guides would make it easier to understand. She urged everyone to read through the mini-guide to make sure they understood exactly what their responsibilities were and what they should be doing to meet them. She added: "A health and safety problem can not only destroy business reputations, it can endanger life."