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Holiday decisions 'made by women'

12 July 2012 09:59

Women play a bigger role in holiday packing, a poll has claimed

Women play a bigger role in holiday packing, a poll has claimed

A new survey from Teletext Holidays suggests men normally take something of a back-seat role in the planning of trips away with women, and are often left with the job of carrying the suitcases.

The poll found that although men are more likely to be put in charge of carrying bags and driving while abroad, women tend to take on most other tasks, including picking a destination, shopping before the holiday, packing bags, sorting out money and travel insurance and getting neighbours to feed the pets and water the plants.

Managing director of Teletext Holidays Victoria Saunders said women "still have a tight hold of the reins" in holiday organisation and tend to be the ones with "ideas and inspiration" for destinations and searching out the best deals.

The survey of 2,000 adults also showed women take the lead when it comes to looking after passports, with 43% insisting they carry them.

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Meanwhile, some 14% of women say their partners complain they spend too much on shopping for a holiday.