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How to fly more sustainably

11 November 2020 09:05

Be more eco-friendly while you fly

Be more eco-friendly while you fly

Use these five tips to help reduce your environmental impact while you fly...

1. Choose direct flights

Did you know, airplanes use the most fuel during take-off and landing? That means the fewer changeovers you make, the more fuel efficient your overall journey will be. If you do have to take a layover, try to find the most direct flight-path to your destination to help minimise the total miles you travel.

2. Fly economy

Flying economy is much more eco-friendly than travelling in business or first. That's because you can fit more people into the space, so using less fuel per passenger. This is great news for budget conscious travellers, as low-cost flights tend to have more economy seating, making them both cheaper and more fuel efficient.

3. Pack light

The heavier the aircraft, the more energy it will use to make its journey. That means you can affect the impact of your travel simply by packing less luggage. In fact, if everyone packed just 2lbs (0.9kg) less than normal, it would be equivalent to removing over 10,000 cars from the road annually in terms of emissions.

4. Bring your own cabin items

Every flight, cabin crews give out hundreds of disposable items, from plastic drinking cups and packaged snacks, to earphones and single-use blankets. Help save on waste by packing your own in-flight kit, complete with reusable cutlery, your own little snack-box and a water bottle you can fill up before you board.

5. Choose a more efficient airline

Most of the emissions and waste produced while flying comes down to the airline - but that's not to say your choices don't make a difference. Some airlines are more eco-friendly than others, using newer, more fuel efficient aircraft or committing to recycling all their in-flight waste. Some airlines - such as easyJet - have even started offsetting their flight emissions. Find out the true efficiency of your aircraft using Google's Matrix airfare tool.

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