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Is PM's new team anti-Heathrow?

20 July 2016 09:30

Several new ministers seem to be against Heathrow Airport's expansion

Several new ministers seem to be against Heathrow Airport's expansion

Travel out of a third Heathrow Airport terminal might be wishful thinking, the make-up of new Prime Minister Theresa May's new Cabinet could suggest.

Airport chiefs have argued the case for expansion, claiming that extra capacity is needed to cope with demand from holiday-goers jetting off abroad .

But influential new appointees are known opponents of growth of the west London hub, The Telegraph reports.

Prominent Cabinet members against Heathrow expansion

• Boris Johnson (Foreign Secretary): He campaigned tirelessly against Heathrow as Mayor of London over eight years. It is thought he would encounter calls for his resignation should he remain part of any Cabinet which supports the scheme

• Justine Greening (Education Secretary): Told the Telegraph in March that Heathrow was not a "smart" option. She likened it to attempting to construct an eight-bedroomed mansion on the site of a terraced home

• Philip Hammond (Chancellor): Went on record with his support for the alternative Gatwick Airport expansion initiative. Last year he said that London did not need extra Heathrow runways to keep it a global player in the aviation industry


Seven years ago, Chris Grayling apparently backed Heathrow growth in private. As new Transport Secretary, he will be the politician to supervise any decision made. But he has already hinted that this will not happen until at least October following the change of administration.

The decision has already been long-delayed under David Cameron's government. Last summer it was put on hold while fresh environmental and noise pollution studies were collated.

Where does the PM stand?

She is also in the pro-Gatwick lobby, according to anti-Heathrow expansion campaign chair John Stewart. He claims that eight years ago Mrs May spoke out against the project at a meeting.

Mrs May pledged to lobby against Heathrow and said that it would add 222,000 additional, polluting flights every year, Mr Stewart claims.

He says she alleged that Heathrow expansion would harm the local population's health and undermine the Government's national environmental targets.

Peace of mind

One choice that ought not to be so difficult or protracted is whether holidaymakers should take out travel insurance.

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