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Jet lag mask offers help to flyers

27 April 2016 08:20

Jet lag symptoms can include drowsiness

Jet lag symptoms can include drowsiness

One of the banes of long-distance holidaymakers' lives - jet lag - could be a thing of the past soon.

A revolutionary new wearable device has been invented which fights the condition through light therapy.

Its inventor hopes that the gadget will help travellers fly across many time zones as longer-haul flights with no stop-offs become more frequent.

The US-Polish start-up Inteliclinic's Jet Lag Blocker's state-of-the-art tech is designed to fight the features of jet lag.

What are the symptoms of jet lag?

They include:

• tiredness

• disrupted sleep

• an inability to concentrate

How does it work?

The device exposes a user to short bursts of light while they are asleep.

This follows Stanford University scientists' recent research which showed that manipulating melatonin levels in a person can help them adjust better to their body clock getting put out of rhythm.

The Jet Lag Blocker - or Neuroon - measures a user's sleep patterns and can give accurate sleep analysis before calculating a special sleep efficiency rating and offering optimisation advice.

It records sleep interruptions, rapid eye movement (REM) and light, and displays the scores every day on a dashboard.

A wearer sets their travel destination using the special mobile app. The mask will then automatically fine-tune the required light therapy while a user sleeps, without impeding the quality of that nap.

The device comprises the following three components:

• a soft face mask

• a smart-pack storing biometric electronics as well as sensors

• the special Neuroon app which employs Bluetooth to wirelessly control the face mask

Long-haul protection

Jet lag is not the only potential side-effect for holidaymakers on long-haul flights.

They can come unstuck if they have trusted to luck and not taken out travel insurance.

This can lead to unwanted surprises costing them dear, like delayed or cancelled flights or lost or stolen luggage and belongings.

All of these have to be paid from their own pocket if they are not insured.

Being prepared

The Jet Lag Blocker is best used if set many days prior to a trip.

This gives the user plenty of time to get their body clock used to the therapy and minimise a long flight's effects.