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Language barriers 'putting Britons off foreign holidays'

05 June 2017 09:09

Many Britons will take a summer holiday in the weeks ahead

Many Britons will take a summer holiday in the weeks ahead

Many Britons are put off foreign travel because they lack language expertise, a new study has suggested.

With June just beginning, many people will be looking forward to a well-earned summer holiday in the weeks ahead. Yet it seems concerns about foreign languages could be limiting the choices of some.

Language barriers remain

Hostel booking site Hostelworld has suggested that millions of Britons might be avoiding overseas holidays due to foreign language deficiencies.

After conducting some polling, it said that one in 10 people in this country are put off visiting destinations abroad because of language barriers.

With 8,000 people polled across six different countries - with the UK among them - Hostelworld said that just half of British people can speak another language.

If they had no qualms about potential language barriers, Britons said Japan would be top of their holiday list. Spain and China came second and third respectively.

Travel insurance

Along with language issues, anyone venturing abroad for a holiday should consider the benefits of trusted travel insurance.

It can cover them against transport disruption, the costs of medical treatments in foreign hospitals and even things like lost luggage.

Cultural benefits

Commenting on the new survey results, Otto Rosenberger of Hostelworld said knowledge of a foreign language is not an absolute necessity when it comes to overseas breaks.

He said: " The ability to speak other languages isn't essential when travelling and nobody should let it put them off, but it can make a big difference, helping you to fully immerse yourself in the culture in a way you couldn't otherwise.

"Travelling the world is one of the most rewarding experiences in life, yet many still worry that their language skills will let them down while abroad."