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London City Airport gains new digital control tower

22 May 2017 09:16

City Airport is to receive a new digital control tower

City Airport is to receive a new digital control tower

Holidaymakers travelling via London City Airport will benefit from a digital air traffic control tower from 2019.

The airport, located in the heart of the English capital, will be the first in the UK to install a digital tower.

The change means that controllers based 80 miles away in Hampshire will be able to watch live footage and guide planes.

The airport believes controllers will be able to see the airfield in more detail thanks to the 360-degree view provided by new cameras.

Australia, Sweden, Norway and Ireland are among the countries where the technology has already been used.

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Confidence in the new system

London City Airport chief executive Declan Collier said he has confidence that cyber attacks will not pose a threat to the new system.

He added: " No chief executive is complacent about threats from cyber security. Over the last week we've seen a major issue arise for the NHS. But we are very confident that the systems we're putting in place here are secure, they're safe, they're managed very well. We use the highest level of cyber security in order to protect our systems."

Explaining the reasoning behind the digital tower, Mr Collier said it will boost safety and resilience.

Two-year process

The new tower will be 50 metres tall, which is substantially higher than the existing facility. Construction will start later in 2017, with the work due to be completed next year.

A year of testing will then take place, before the tower becomes fully operational in the autumn of 2019.

Nats airports director Mike Stoller said of the plans: "Digital towers are going to transform the way air traffic services are provided at airports by providing real safety, operational and efficiency benefits.

"We do see this as being a growing marketplace across the UK and the world."

London City Airport was used by around 4.5 million passengers last year alone.