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Many Brits 'hope to visit new country in 2016'

06 January 2016 09:23

Many Brits hope to visit somewhere new in 2016

Many Brits hope to visit somewhere new in 2016

An increasing number of Britons intend visiting a country they have never been to before during 2016, the results of a new survey suggest.

The trend is highlighted in ABTA's new Travel Trends Report for 2016, which also lists a dozen destinations it thinks will capture the public's imagination over the next 12 months.

They include Iran, Peru, Poland, Sri Lanka, the Silk Road in China and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates.

Hawaii on 'to watch' list

Holidaymakers planning on visiting any of ABTA's destinations to watch - which also include Canada, Iceland, France, Hawaii, Naples and Apulia in Italy, and Queensland, Australia - are advised to make sure they have a good travel insurance policy before heading off.

The report, published by ABTA and the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), says nearly a fifth (18%) of those surveyed want to travel to a new country over the next year, double the proportion who intended doing so this time last year.

And nearly one in four (23%) say they intend visiting a new city or resort - even if they have been to the country itself before - compared to the 10% who said that was on their agenda a year ago.

Their ambitious plans seem to suggest more money will be spent on travelling over the next 12 months. Almost a quarter (23%) of those surveyed say they expect to spend more on their holidays in 2016.

'Bumper year for Med resorts'

That proportion rises to 39% among the nation's highest earners, who during 2015 have typically enjoyed eight holidays compared to an average of 7.4 in 2011.

While many people look set to try somewhere new, the report is also predicting a good year for more familiar destinations in Spain and other parts of the western Mediterranean. That trend, it says, will be driven by the strength of the pound and political uncertainties in some parts of the world.

The report also expects to see more destinations attempting to transform themselves in the way that Barcelona and Miami's South Beach have in the past, in a bid to appeal to certain sectors of the holiday market.