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Many Brits never been abroad - study

12 December 2016 08:57

Many Britons have never been abroad - says a study

Many Britons have never been abroad - says a study

Travelling by plane, seeing the Eiffel Tower, and eating foreign food.

All experiences many people take for granted. But a new survey has found that travel and holidays are out of reach for many Britons.

Some 1 in 4 adults polled by travel company Kayak said they had never been on a plane. While 1 in 10 have never once been out of the UK.

Why? It seems costs and arrangements are the main factors. Some 1 in 3 people say travelling abroad is too expensive while a fifth reckon it's too complicated.

One thing that is most definitely not complicated is arranging travel insurance.

Bucket-list sights not seen

Europe is known for its beautiful cities, with city breaks to them incredibly popular. But 1 in 4 people have never visited a capital on the continent.

The Eiffel Tower in Paris is one of the world's most recognisable landmarks. But around half of people have never seen it in person.

Rome's Colosseum too is world famous and unmistakable. But even fewer people have seen that - with 77% of folk having never visited it.

Where we want to go

Far-flung destinations are on the bucket-list of many of those polled. New Zealand and Australia - literally on the other side of the world - proved popular.

New Zealand and its dramatic, Hollywood-starring landscapes were at the top of 42% of people's lists. While Oz and its superb beaches and vibrant culture attracted around a third.

Suzanne Perry, travel expert at Kayak, said: "While we understand many are unable to travel long distance due to health or for financial reasons, we were surprised nearly a third of adults haven't been abroad in the past five years, meaning many are missing out on what the world has to offer."