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Millions more to travel this summer

28 June 2012 09:36

Millions more Britons will take a summer holiday this year, compared with 2011

Millions more Britons will take a summer holiday this year, compared with 2011

Bad weather and sport's fatigue could give Britain's travel industry a much needed boost this year as millions more than last year take a summer holiday, a survey suggests.

Another factor in the increase could be that 26% of Britons chose not to have a summer holiday in 2011 in order to save money and get some British sun. However after the miserable weather they just cannot face doing it again.

This year only 21% of Britions have decided not to go away over the summer, according to the survey by TomTom.

The increase will be welcomed by travel companies as the millions of extra people booking hotel rooms, flights and purchasing travel insurance will help an industry that has been struggling to fill seats and rooms.

This year, 21% of people are going away in June and July, compared with only 17% and 18% last year. This suggests that many are jetting off to avoid large UK events, such as the Olympics, the Diamond Jubilee and the London 2012 Festival.

August is normally the most popular month of the year for a summer holiday, with 24% of Britons taking a flight in that month last year, but this year the figures are comparable to June and July, with 22% choosing to travel in August.

A spokesman for TomTom said: "Money is tight but enough is enough and a lot of those who gave up their summer holidays last year and ended up in British drizzle are not prepared to do the same this year, it seems."