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Millions planning Olympic getaway

03 April 2012 12:32

The Olympic Stadium

The Olympic Stadium

The desire to be out of the country while the Olympics is on has influenced about a third of Britons in their choice of vacation dates this summer.

Three out of four of the 35% who had already booked a holiday said the Olympics had influenced their decisions on when to take their break, according to a survey from foreign exchange firm Travelex.

If used as a guide for a national trend then, around 10 million Britons could be influenced by the Games and 26% of those who aim to go abroad will do so to escape them.

In contrast though 10% had changed their already booked holidays so that they would not clash dates.

In the days before the Olympics begin around four million Britons are expected to leave the country to escape the frenzied excitement, many who may have taken out a travel insurance policy from World First.