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Minister to probe boozy air travel

03 August 2016 07:59

An easyJet pilot was punched in the face

An easyJet pilot was punched in the face

The way holiday-goers are sold alcohol in airports is to come under the microscope following hundreds of drink-related plane incidents.

Lord Ahmad says that one of his first tasks as new aviation minister will be to look at how young families can avoid disruption from drunken passengers.

Between March 2014 to March 2016, upwards of 442 passengers were detained by police for on-board drunken incidents, according to Press Association (PA) statistics.

Many carriers wrote to ministers in 2015 warning them of the escalation in the amount of drink-related incidents.

Possible steps to beat in-flight alcoholism

Lord Ahmad told PA that he wants to:

• Ensure that the system whereby misbehaving adults are prevented from passing through departure gates becomes "fit for purpose"

• Look at how and when airport alcohol retailers operate

• Create a more secure and safe flying environment for families and businesspeople

• See screening of passengers before they leave for take-off

What is being done already

• has launched an initiative aimed at combating on-board problem drunks and says it is working hard in its bid to reduce "excessive" alcohol intake

• Manchester and Glasgow airport shops are trying to address the issue by selling drink in bags which are sealed

It is not unknown for flights to be delayed because of alcohol-related disruption. But taking out trusted travel insurance protects against travel delays or cancellations.

It also covers other unexpected happenings such as lost luggage, stolen possessions and missing travel documents.

Lord Ahmad says

The minister says that young families flying between destinations do not want disruption.

He reiterated that aircraft passenger s have responsibilities to their fellow passengers, while he does not wish to completely destroy any fun.

Recent incidents

• A female travelled punched a pilot in their face after she was told to leave an easyJet plane before take-off from Manchester

• German police detained six stag party-goers after a fight in mid-air led to a scheduled Ryanair Luton-Bratislava flight to detour to Berlin

British airport and carrier trade organisations say such incidents are "very rare" but say they can result in "serious consequences".