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Noisy kids 'biggest flight bother'

07 November 2012 09:19

More than 1,500 Britons were asked what annoyed them most when flying

More than 1,500 Britons were asked what annoyed them most when flying

Noisy children have topped a poll to find the most annoying aspects of flying, according to new research from online travel agent, which surveyed 1,684 Britons. Uncontrollable youngsters fended off competition from a lack of leg room and poor-quality in-flight food to claim the crown, while passengers also moaned about people kicking the back of their seats, loud passengers, not being seated with co-travellers and inebriated holidaymakers.

Rude cabin crew, lack of in-flight entertainment and size of the toilets also featured on the list of pet hates. Although it cannot offer protection against noisy kids, travellers are reminded to arrange travel insurance cover before jetting off.

Chris Clarkson, co-founder, said: "As a father with young children, I know it can be tough as a parent to keep little ones entertained during a flight. I think passengers need to be considerate of those travelling on the same flight as them, so a thing like not letting your kids run up and down the aisle is an obvious one. However, there are unfortunately other things that do a great job of irritating passengers and lack of leg room is one I think we've all experienced."