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Office gossip is main holiday worry

01 March 2012 09:31

Many of us are concerned about missing out on office gossip when on holiday

Many of us are concerned about missing out on office gossip when on holiday

Holidaymakers fear missing out on office gossip more than news of family or friends.

Only 23% of people on holiday were worried about not being up to date with family news, while 74% were concerned about being out of the loop in terms of workplace goings on.

The survey conducted by also found that 81% of holidaymakers were afraid of missing any important work.

On top of having to worry about travel insurance, people on holiday seem to be very concerned with their jobs, as a third of the 1,652 people surveyed said they did some form of work during their time away.

Another 24% contacted their place of work to catch up with the office. Others said they keep in touch with their co-workers through social media, with some 18% admitting to this.

Co-founder of the travel agency Chris Brown said: "Fear of missing out is indeed a relatively common phenomenon and it's not difficult to see why it's quite common among holidaymakers.

"When you are thousands of miles away, it's easy to start getting anxious about what you could be missing, whether that's actual work you may need to catch up on when you get back, or just who said what behind whose back in the office."

The fear of missing out goes as far as actually asking colleagues not to have outings while one is absent, something admitted by 3% of the people surveyed.