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Paraguay emerges as tourism hotspot

25 April 2016 08:11

A new study has revealed some of the more surprising tourism hotspots

A new study has revealed some of the more surprising tourism hotspots

Holidaymakers are helping to make Paraguay the world's fastest-growing tourist country, new figures suggest.

The United Nations World Travel Organisation (UNWTO) has compiled a new list which throws up some surprising names.

According to The Telegraph, traveller numbers to the sun-kissed South American nation swelled by 97% between 2014 and 2015 to 1.27 million.

Tourists to Paraguay can enjoy the spectacular Las Cataratas waterfalls, its lively capital and old city charm of Asuncion, and beautifully restful hiking opportunities across forests and hills.

The five fastest-growing visitor hotspots:

1 Paraguay

2 Tajikistan: 414,000 visitors in 2015 meant a year-on-year increase of 94%

3 Niue: this tiny island in the Pacific welcomed 11,000 visitors in 2015 - a hike of 62.9%

4 Japan: its visitor numbers rose to 19.7 million, an increase of 47.5%

5 Iceland: this raw, volcanic island - so popular with those with a love of the outdoors - saw its footfall jump by 29.8% to 1.29 million visitors

Protecting against unexpected surprises

Wherever holidaymakers decide to go, they should take a travel insurance policy with them.

This should ensure they're not caught out if unexpected surprises occur.

Cover can include lost property, including luggage and travel documents, as well as stolen possessions.

The five fastest-growing tourism countries

Based on the rise in their tourism industries' contribution to GDP, the World Travel and Tourism Council says these are:

1 Uganda (36.7%): mountain gorilla spotting is becoming increasingly popular here

2 Azerbaijan (27.3%): old world delights await holidaymakers in the form of the Caucasus Moutnains, the 1400s Palace of the Shirvanshahs and the towering stone-made Maiden Tower

3 Qatar (23.7%): travellers are getting a sneak preview of the hosts for the 2022 football World Cup

4 Paraguay (23.1%)

5 Georgia (19.4%): this rugged country affords bragging rights when it comes to visiting somewhere off the beaten track. Attractions include the vast swathes of protected national parks and forests which make for great walking holidays