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5 tips for planning a holiday in 2021

10 September 2020 08:30

Get trip savvy in time for next summer

Get trip savvy in time for next summer

Planning a holiday is usually a mixed bag of giddy excitement and careful organisation. But in the wake of the pandemic - where travel has been restricted and adventures limited to walks around the local park - the anticipation of heading somewhere new, and the stringent planning that goes with it, is going to hit a little harder.

As we start to look ahead to a brand-new year with - hopefully - significantly fewer travel restrictions, it's time to broaden our horizons once again. But how do we keep things as safe and straightforward as possible? Here are five tips for planning a holiday in 2021.

1. Keep it safe

Government guidance is changing all the time, making it impossible to know what exact requirements will be in place in 2021. But if almost a year of social distancing, increased sanitisation and somewhat restricted movement is anything to go by, we'll likely still be practising various safety measures when it comes to travel well into the new year.

The usual suspects will apply to help ensure safer travel, such as regularly washing and sanitising hands, continuing to wear a face covering - particularly in enclosed spaces - and trying to avoid crowded areas. Destinations that are a little off the well-trodden tourism path are likely to be a safer bet, where avoiding crowds of people will be that much easier.

As for accommodation, secluded apartments away from the hustle and bustle are preferable for the sake of social distancing and maintaining more control over personal safety. But don't despair if you prefer hotel life: most will be very well accustomed to strict cleanliness measures by the time 2021 rolls into view.

2. Keep it moving

As airlines bounce back and open flight paths to our favourite destinations, it will be worth remembering that planes aren't the only option. Trains can take you as far as the Greek islands, and trusty cars and buses will happily help you traverse borders into unexplored territories.

3. Keep it simple

One result of being kept indoors - and, for many of us, in cities - is the resounding desire to get back to basics and immerse ourselves in nature. Trekking, hiking and glamping are all set to be at the top of travellers' lists in the new year with destinations like Scandinavia and the Scottish Highlands proving popular. So, if you fall into that camp (no pun intended), try seeking out alternative locations in which to embrace the elements.

4. Keep it action-packed

Daredevils, adventurers and - perhaps most of all - kids need to be kept busy on holidays. That usually means a packed agenda, chock-full of waterpark visits, zoo trips, outdoor activities and even hotel play areas. And while tourist attractions are gunning to get visitors back through their doors, holiday-makers can't be certain that everything they're banking on will be accessible in coming months.

So, what to do to ensure the kids have as enjoyable and fun-filled a break as possible? Simply put, you'll need a plan B (and potentially C and D) in case your go-to activity spots aren't available. Alternatively opt for the type of trip that lends itself to family fun, independent of outside help. Our recommendation? Head to the coast with a boot filled with bodyboards and an inflatable animal or two. Or if you're more of an adventurer, try your hand at camping in the wilderness - woodland scavenger hunts and board games around the fire provide wholesome family fun for kids and adults alike.

5. Keep it relaxing

Where kids look for waterparks and guided activities to keep them busy, adults may be more inclined to book holidays with a more relaxing agenda - think spas, pools, cosy cocktail bars and whatnot. Again, double check what's open when booking holidays in 2021. It may seem far away but depending on the ever-changing climate and the individual establishments' safety requirements, your top options may be inaccessible. And if it's an assumingly romantic break you're after, we have you covered.

What next?

At World First, we provide worldwide travel insurance that includes cover for COVID-19. So you can travel with peace of mind wherever you decide to explore. Check out our Coronavirus FAQs or contact us to run through any travel insurance questions you might have.