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5 quirky winter sports you didn't know existed

13 January 2020 08:50

Think beyond the board for your next winter sports thrill

Think beyond the board for your next winter sports thrill

Skiing and snowboarding not cutting it for you anymore? Wrap up warm and take on a new challenge this winter with one of these quirky sports we bet you haven't heard of...

1. Ski joëring

Let the horse do the work in this fun mix of skiing and horse sledding. No experience required, simply hold onto your horse's frame let it take you on a tour of the mountains. Just remember to keep your skis in line, or you'll find yourself face down in the powder!

2. Ice diving

Zip up – you'll need your wetsuit for this excursion! Ice diving is exactly what it sounds like: scuba diving under ice. As one of the most extreme adventure sports, ice diving comes with some obvious risks. However, if you're an experienced diver looking for a new challenge, the beauty and tranquillity of those under-ice views makes it worth braving the cold.

3. Ski biking (skibobbing)

What happens when you cross a bike with a pair of skis? Ski biking offers avid skiers a whole new way to take on the slopes, enjoying the downhill twists and turns from the saddle of a half bike, half pair of skis. As well as being a fun alternative for regular skiers, ski biking is also a great option for people with delicate knees.

4. Snow kiting

Not unlike kite boarding on water, snow kiting uses a kite to help you take on more challenging pistes, bigger jumps and even travel uphill. With wind-power added to the mix, you'll be able to push the boundaries of freestyle skiing or boarding, driven by the direction of the wind.

5. Ice speedway

Motorbike enthusiast? Swap asphalt for ice and take on the ultimate sport for winter thrill-seekers. Similar to your ordinary motorcycle speedway, ice speedway calls for a whole new skillset with studded tyres added to your bike to help you grip the frozen track.

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