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Rats discovered on Qantas plane

06 June 2011 10:29

Rats found in a cabin compartment on a Qantas jet forced the flight to be grounded

Rats found in a cabin compartment on a Qantas jet forced the flight to be grounded

Australian airline Qantas had to ground one of its passenger jets on Tuesday after rats were found on board.

Air crew discovered the rats in a cabinet holding medical equipment just minutes before passengers were due to board the Sydney-to-Brisbane flight.

The airline called the incident "very unusual" and passengers were moved to another plane.

Qantas has suffered a series of troubles in recent months including an engine explosion and forced landings.

Instances like these highlight the need for travellers to ensure they have a comprehensive travel insurance policy before embarking on foreign journeys.

Qantas said that crews did a visual check of the plane and found that the rodents had not caused any damage.

Scott Connolly of the Transportation Workers Union told Australian Broadcasting Corp radio revealed that hygiene and sanitation on Qantas flights were a source of concern to members.

Earlier this week, a Qantas flight from Dallas, Texas, to Australia made an unscheduled stop on a Pacific island after pilots feared they might run out of fuel because of strong headwinds.