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Reap the rewards of travelling solo

24 April 2014 08:55

Travelling alone can lead to the adventure of a lifetime

Travelling alone can lead to the adventure of a lifetime

Travelling alone is not everyone's cup of tea - doing so, however, can open your eyes to a whole new world.

Thousands go solo each summer, jetting off to far flung destinations to escape the grinds of daily life.

Going away in a group can be fun, but doing it all by yourself is an adventure that certainly favours the brave. It easier for you to meet fellow globetrotters on your own, while booking accommodation or trips is a doddle as you're pretty much guaranteed a spot.

Liz Lindsay from Kiwi Experience, which gets 35% of its bookings from travellers going it alone, recommends booking early in order to save money in the long run, whether it's flights, hostels or coach travel.

Travel insurance is another must, just in case the worst happens while you're away.

The cost of essentials like laundry visits, suntan lotion and food all adds up, especially as there is no one to share with, so any opportunity to save a few pounds here and there should be grasped with both hands.

Booking a travel pass so that you have a basic journey structure is advised, but don't plan every step or stop in advance.

Hop-on, hop-off bus passes give you the flexibility to stay in certain areas longer if you want to. This allows you to explore off the beaten track, hiking a mountain or swimming in a lake whenever you feel like it.

You'll make friends on your travels, so be spontaneous and go with the flow as you make your way from place to place.

Backing up your photos is a must for any solo traveller, while emailing yourself a list of personal details is also recommended. Be sure to include your passport number, bank or currency card numbers, travel insurance details, mobile phone account details plus all the contact phone numbers you'd need to report losses.