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Revealed: British tourists' happy hour

08 July 2014 09:15

Ready for holiday relaxation? Well, it may take three days, according to a new poll

Ready for holiday relaxation? Well, it may take three days, according to a new poll

Holidaymakers looking to unwind on an overseas break may have to wait longer than expected, a new survey suggests.

The average Briton abroad takes three days before they can fully unwind, according to a poll by of almost 1,800 tourists who had a week-long foreign break.

What is it that stops people switching off? Well, some 42% of people took until day three to stop worrying about work.

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So when do we start feeling fully relaxed? The poll identified 7.30pm on day three as the optimum "happy hour", the time when the typical Brit stops stresses and starts unwinding.

But why is this the happiest time?

Beside work worries subsiding, 31% feel there are still enough days remaining to appreciate the break, while 26% simply claim it is the day they most enjoyed.

Others (13%) say this is when their tan really starts to kick in, and 9% are happy because they still have spending money left in their pockets.

More than two-thirds (67%) feel "extremely sad" when the day arrives that they have to leave, with 5% admitting to crying.

But a holiday has a lasting feelgood effect on almost half of the people polled. This is because many of them (37%) vow to worry less and take it steadier at work.

More than one in four (26%) claim they come home to sort out their finances.

A further one in eight (13%) say that breaks abroad have a great impact on their relationship when they arrive back in Britain.

Chris Clarkson, managing director, claims that as well as the first few days being preoccupied with office-based stress, they can also see holidaymakers still recovering from their journey.

He says it is only when tourists start to slightly "let go" that they can begin to get down to the serious business of enjoying their holiday.