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Room service - where is cheapest?

01 April 2014 09:56

TripAdvisor has revealed the cheapest places for room service

TripAdvisor has revealed the cheapest places for room service

The world's cheapest and most expensive hotel room service rates have been named in a new survey.

Holidaymakers will find Tunis in Tunisia the most affordable, according to a league table compiled by TripAdvisor TripIndex Room Service.

Here, a club sandwich, mini bar snacks and one dry-cleaned shirt cost guests only £11.03.

The same items will cost tourists £53.25, more than anywhere else, in hotels in the Finnish capital of Helsinki, the report found.

Travellers can't insure themselves against high room service charges. But they can take out travel insurance to give them peace of mind if the worst should happen, like falling ill while holidaying abroad.

South Africa's Cape Town boasted the second cheapest room service, with the same room service staples costing just £13.74.

Hungary's Budapest finished third with a typical cost of £15.24. Prague (Czech Republic), Marrakech (Morocco) and Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) came fourth, fifth and sixth respectively. Istanbul (Turkey), Jakarta (Indonesia), Dubrovnik (Croatia) and Hanoi (Vietnam) completed the top 10.

Oslo (Norway), Seoul (North Korea) and Zurich (Switzerland) finished second, third and fourth respectively as the most expensive room service destinations. Stockholm (Sweden), Paris, New York City, Toronto (Canada), Singapore and Copenhagen (Denmark) made up the top 10.

But the room service rate alone does not give a full reflection of what the cost of staying in a hotel can be, especially with the worldwide large variation in prices for everyday room service items.

For example, Tunis may be the No. 1 hotspot for best value room service. But the North African city falls to 18th place in the league table when the price of room service and room rate is combined, at £111.87.

Jakarta replaces Tunis as the leading destination for value overall with a total combined cost of £71.02.

One in four British travellers have ordered room service in the past 12 months when staying in a hotel.