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Ryanair's customer service slammed

23 September 2013 09:06

Readers of a consumer magazine have criticised the customer service provided by low cost airline Ryanair

Readers of a consumer magazine have criticised the customer service provided by low cost airline Ryanair

With living costs rising faster than inflation, most of us have been forced to tighten our belts a little over the past few years.

We can save money in almost all areas of our lives and none more so than when booking trips abroad. But while making a saving on travel insurance, accommodation and flights can feel great, sometimes it can be worth spending that extra £50.

That's almost certainly the sentiment among readers of Which? magazine who, when canvassed about customer service experiences, voted Ryanair as the worst company to deal with out of Britain's 100 biggest brands.

Which? asked its readers to rate each firm according to its staff's knowledge, attitude and ability to deal with issues.

The Irish budget airline scored two out of a possible five stars for each category, giving it an overall rating of 54% and placing it comfortably at the bottom of the customer service experience list.

A report from Which? said: "Passengers appear to agree with Ryanair CEO Michael O'Leary's open admission that price is a priority over customer service.

"One said of his recent travel with Ryanair that he found it: 'aggressive and hostile towards customers. Staff are rude and unpleasant'.

"Another flyer related their poor in-flight treatment, lamenting 'rude air stewards who make you feel like a nuisance rather than a customer'. Others are unwilling to be treated badly, whatever the savings. 'I now prefer to pay £50 extra for my flights and to be treated like a human being,' concluded one of their experience."

A Ryanair spokesman responded: "We surveyed over three million passengers on the Ryanair website last night. Only two of them had ever heard of Which? and none of them had ever bought it or read it."

Which? policy advisor, Richard Dilks, said: "Outstanding service can leave you feeling positive, valued and likely to want to repeat the experience. Terrible customer service can leave you feeling stressed, frustrated, angry and, in many cases, never wanting that experience again."