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5 secret island paradises

22 July 2021 08:46

A tropical beach in the Seychelles

A tropical beach in the Seychelles

The global travel situation is unpredictable. But hey, we can still dream. Switch off from life's stresses and imagine being a world away on an island paradise.

Desroches Island, Seychelles

If privacy is key to your idea of paradise, then Desroches is a must-visit. The remote island is a 40-minute flight from Mahé, the capital of the Seychelles, without a shop or restaurant in sight. Splash out on a villa in the sole 5-star resort with your own private plunge pool and tropical garden, as well as views of the white-sand beaches stretching over nine miles.

Culebra, Puerto Rico

Culebra is often overlooked while the neighbouring Vieques captures the majority of tourists' attention. Head to the quaint town of Dewey for a taste of local life or escape it all by visiting one of the island's 10 deserted beaches. Playa Flamenco is the perfect spot to snorkel with sea turtles and tropical fish before picking up delicious Puerto Rican street food from the beachside shacks.

Komodo, Indonesia

For an island escape abundant with hiking opportunities, make Komodo your next escape. Standing between the islands of Flores and Subabwa in eastern Indonesia, Komodo's landscape bears a striking resemblance to Jurassic Park and is filled with some prehistoric locals to match – the national park is home to the impressive Komodo Dragon. If you'd rather avoid the 10-foot-long lizard, you can always submerse yourself in one of the numerous coral reef diving sites.

Jicaro Island, Nicaragua

Those looking to switch off from technology should head to Jicaro, a tiny isle in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. Journey 10 mins outside the city of Granada for an island where you'll probably struggle to find a Wi-Fi network. Venture into nearby jungles for a glimpse of howler monkeys, lake turtles and 87 different bird species, or zip-wire through the canopy at 100 feet above the forest floor.

Maupiti, French Polynesia

According to some, Maupiti resembles Bora Bora before the tourist boom. Although smaller in comparison and lacking luxury resorts, the perfectly preserved island is filled with family-run restaurants and a strong sense of community. Those looking to get closer to mother nature can swim with giant manta rays on a private beach or wallow in the turquoise lagoons. A hike up Mount Teurafaatiu guarantees unrivalled views of the island and perfect photo opportunities.