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Snowstorm strands thousands in US

12 February 2013 10:01

Snowstorms in the US grounded flights into Britain

Snowstorms in the US grounded flights into Britain

Storms and blizzards left thousands of passengers stranded in the US following the cancellation of flights into Britain.

A swathe of America's eastern seaboard, from Massachusetts to New Jersey, experienced three feet of snowfall and hurricane-force winds which extended up into Canada. That resulted in 32 flights into Heathrow from New York and Boston being cancelled along with three outbound flights, highlighting the vital importance of having travel insurance.

The wintry storm, which left more than half a million homes without power, forced British Airways, United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, Delta Air Lines and Air Canada to all ground scheduled flights. Passengers were urged to check with their airlines to see if their flights were affected with those having accommodation near the US airports advised to head back there. Meanwhile, those without anywhere to stay were put up in hotels. The storms resulted in over 5,300 flights across America being cancelled. Some services did manage to fly out of New York's three major airports.