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Study - holiday rivalry rampant

13 September 2011 11:50

'Holiday rivalry' is rife among British travellers, a survey claims

'Holiday rivalry' is rife among British travellers, a survey claims

So-called 'holiday rivalry' is very much alive and kicking amongst British travellers, a new survey has revealed.

A study by travel agent showed that two in five holidaymakers are willing to plan extravagant breaks simply to outdo their friends, colleagues or relatives.

These holidaymakers deliberately choose a destination they believe to be better than friends, family members or work colleagues have been on, the study revealed.

Even when concentrating on such one-upmanship, tourists will still be keen on grabbing the most competent travel insurance deals available on the market.

A total of 50% of these tourists feel it is important for them to have a better break than their 'rivals', whereas 9% cite jealousy as the motivating factor for their trip.

Only 44% of the respondents feel happy when they hear about a friend's "lovely holiday abroad". Among the rest, 12% are envious and 6% feel "annoyed". co-founder Chris Brown said: "While it's nice to hear that someone close to you or someone you get on well with at work has had a lovely holiday, it's hard not to feel a pang of jealousy.

"However, when booking a holiday, it's important people choose their location or resort based on what they like, not on what they think will look most impressive to others."