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Top tips for a more sustainable holiday

11 March 2020 09:10

How to travel green in 2020

How to travel green in 2020

Looking to travel more sustainably, but don't know where to start? Use our top ten eco-travel tips to help you plan for a greener holiday in 2020...

1. Clear the fridge

Start thinking sustainably before you even set off, by planning to leave as little as possible in your fridge while you're away. Any odd leftovers you have will always be better appreciated by neighbours or colleagues than by your waste bin.

If you accidentally end up with a lot of food in the fridge in the days before you travel, why not cook up some meals to freeze, ready for when you get home?

2. Power down your home

Making the effort to turn off all lights and electricals at the wall won't only save energy, but also money. Reducing the temperature on your thermostat is another effective way to cut down energy costs while you're away.

If you're worried about home security, try investing in a smart hub to automatically turn on your hall lights for a couple of hours each evening. That way, you'll have peace of mind that your home looks occupied, without leaving things on full time.

3. Pack light

How many of the clothes you take away come home clean and unworn? Learning to pack light could have a number of benefits when it comes to sustainability – and might help the bank account too.

Save money on your luggage allowance by packing a smaller, lighter bag. Opting for cabin-bag size may even save you time checking in and out. You'll also be less inclined to opt for added expenses such as taxis to avoid lugging heavy baggage on public transport – a great way to reduce your carbon footprint!

4. Consider your transport options

Transport should be one of your biggest considerations when it comes to sustainable travel. Remember, travelling by bus, train or ship will always be more eco-friendly than flying, even if it takes slightly longer to reach your destination. Take offs and landings create the most emissions, so if you have to travel by plane, be sure to shop around for non-stop flights.

Choosing to stay somewhere that has good transport links can also help reduce your carbon footprint, allowing you to experience the local culture rather than limiting yourself to taxis.

5. Research eco-friendly accommodation

Large hotels are rarely the most sustainable. Constant entertainment, cleaning services and excess catering results in huge amounts of wasted energy.

The good news is that more hospitality businesses are investing in sustainability than ever before. Next time you go away, try looking to stay at a hotel or guesthouse with sustainable policies. Otherwise, why not opt for a self-catered villa, where you can be in control of how much waste you produce.

6. Say no to room service

How often do you change your bedding at home? While it might feel like a nice luxury, having your room cleaned daily will have very little impact on your memory of the holiday.

Leave the do not disturb sign on your door to stop hotel cleaners changing your sheets and towels unnecessarily. This will also save on cleaning products and electricity used for vacuuming.

7. Share your holiday maps and books

Most hotels have a space for guests to leave holiday books and travel guides they've read and don't want to take back with them.

Expand your literary horizons, while saving money on luggage space, by taking just a single book with you on holiday. You never know, you may even discover a new favourite!

8. Buy locally

Enjoy the most authentic holiday experience by shopping for locally-made produce, rather than groceries and souvenirs that have been imported. The same goes if you're dining out. Local, family-run restaurants will always be a more enriching experience than dining in restaurant chains you recognise from home.

Make your tourist money count! After all, sustainability is also about supporting the local economy.

9. Respect the wildlife

Always keep a respectful distance from any wildlife you encounter on your travels. Attempting to get close to wild animals can cause them stress – driving them away from their natural feeding, breeding or resting areas – putting them and the sustainability of their habitat in danger.

Admire the indigenous wildlife from a distance and remember that you're the visitor in their habitat.

10. Go on a conservation tour

If you're out to do more than just cut your own carbon footprint, there are a number of innovative conservation projects that will help make an even bigger difference.

Get stuck in with a conservation project in your chosen destination, whether it's on safari, helping to protect marine life, working within a struggling community or helping to clear a spoiled environment. It might just be the most rewarding holiday experience you've had.

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