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The best beaches in Portugal

14 July 2021 16:23

Take the famous wooden stairs to the sparkling water at Praia do Camilo.

Take the famous wooden stairs to the sparkling water at Praia do Camilo.

You're spoilt for choice when it comes to beautiful beaches in Portugal - with surfing hotspots, family friendly coves and hidden gems for the discerning traveller too. Here's our rundown of the best beaches in Portugal.

Praia da Amália, Brejão

Plenty of us claim we want a beach to ourselves but this Brejão gem puts that desire to the test. You'll need to trek for just under a mile from the nearest car parking space, crossing small streams and dense stretches of bamboo forest before descending the cliff-side stairs to find the golden sands below. Your efforts will be rewarded with an often deserted slice of paradise.

Praia de Nazaré, Ribatejo

The waves at the notorious Nazaré North Beach are some of the biggest on the planet. It's no wonder that the world's largest ever wave was surfed here. There's no need to check-in a surfboard at the airport as there are plenty of spots to hire equipment from. But pay special attention to the current before hitting the open water.

Praia do Camilo, Lagos

Praia do Camilo is synonymous with the Algarve coast. As well as the unique rock formations and crystal clear waters, you'll probably come across the unique view from the wooden steps overlooking the cove on many an Instagram account. The scenic landscape and proximity to the town centre make the beach a real draw for the crowds and space can become limited at high tide.

Praia de São Jacinto, Aveiro

A 90-minute drive from the hustle and bustle of Porto, São Jacinto offers the perfect escape from the big city. Forget cafés and bars, the sandy shore here is surrounded by rolling dunes and a nature reserve home to unique plant and bird species. The result is a wild and deserted beach perfect for catching rays without a care in the world.

Praia de Benagil, Lagoa

The real highlight at this beach near Lagoa is the Benagil Cave. The natural wonder can only be accessed via the sea, where boats are greeted by a rock formation unlike any other. Imagine a supersized sandstone umbrella with a small circular opening at the top. When you're done exploring the cave look out for the nearby hidden stairs leading to Praia do Carvalho and the picture-perfect Smuggler's Cove.

Praia Galapos, Parque Natural da Arrábida

Take a dip in the calm waters off the tourist trail and in the heart of a protected park filled with eagles, buzzards, badgers and polecats. You'll find the white-sand beach among the Parque Natural da Arrábida, a stone's throw from the idyllic harbour village of Portinho da Arrábida and guarded by a tiny 17th centuy fort turned marine museum.

Put your feet up in Portugal

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