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The ultimate beach checklist for families

11 July 2019 08:20

Follow these tips for your next family beach trip

Follow these tips for your next family beach trip

Taking your family to the seaside this summer? Hit the beach with confidence by following this ultimate family checklist...

1. Sunscreen

Choose a high SPF and get the whole family to reapply regularly, especially if you're taking a dip or two in the sea.

2. Towels

For drying off seawater and stretching out on the sand, beach towels are a must.

3. Swimwear

Even if you don't swim, it's easier to dress everyone in swimwear and protect clothes from spills, sunscreen, seawater and sand.

4. Shade

If you can't bag a parasol on the beach, make sure you pitch a tent or umbrella to give you shade from the heat of the sun when you need it.

5. Sunglasses

Protect your family's eyes from sun damage by investing in decent sunglasses that help to filter harmful UV rays.

6. Water

Take reusable metal bottles to keep the water cooler, limit your plastic use and allow you to refill.

7. Snacks

Save money on expensive beachside snacks by taking along some fresh and healthy snacks for the family, ideally in a cool box/bag.

8. Hand sanitiser

Keep germs at bay with some easy-to-use hand sanitiser.

9. Wet wipes

Clean those mucky faces and sandy hands with some wet wipes – an absolute must-have for all families.

10. Toys

Whether it's a bucket and spade or a bat and ball, beach toys can keep everyone entertained.

11. Insect repellent

No family wants to be a buffet for the local bugs. Keep them at bay with some spray.

12. Hats

Add even more much-needed sun protection to your beach kit by throwing in some hats.

13. Sandals/flip flops

Unless you want to be pouring sand from your shoes forevermore, take along some flip-flops for those beach walks.

14. Books

Use that beach time to catch up on some reading – just remember to keep an eye on the kids!

15. Zip-lock bags

Perfect for protecting smartphones from sand or keeping wet things separate, throw in a few zip-lock bags for any eventuality.

Don't forget to cover up on the beach!

Whether you're heading to the beaches of Bali or the Spanish sands, make sure your whole family is covered before heading away. At World First, we offer dedicated family travel insurance for peace of mind while you soak up the sun.