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The weirdest and most wonderful hotels

10 February 2015 09:46

Experience life in the treetops of the Amazon jungle at one of the world's most unusual hotels

Experience life in the treetops of the Amazon jungle at one of the world's most unusual hotels

Bored of the average luxury hotel? Fancy staying somewhere different, that couldn't be mixed up with another hotel?

Read on for our list of the top 5 weird and wonderful hotels across the globe.

However, whether staying somewhere quirky or conventional, travel insurance will give you peace of mind.

1) Poseidon Undersea Resort

Ever pined for a life of deep-sea diving, or still enjoy watching Splash with Darryl Hannah? These 25 pod suites 40ft beneath the sea in a tropical offshore lagoon look like something out of cult 1960s cartoon Marine Boy. Stare awe-struck from the floor-to-ceiling windows in each suite, as shoals of tropical fish and other marine life drift past. You'll have to wait though - the hotel isn't actually open yet.

Where is it? Fiji

Don't miss feature: Guests have a three-berth submarine in which to explore the adjacent, stunning barrier reef.

2) Hobbit Motel

Were you captivated by the world of the Hobbits? If so you may love the Hobbit Motel, which offers accommodation similar to that inhabited by the Hobbit people dreamed up by writer JRR Tolkien. Expect dinky little houses built into the hillside, low ceilings and round windows in the magical corner of New Zealand. We can't think of a more relaxing way to escape the real world for a week.

Where is it? Woodlyn Park, Waitomo, New Zealand

Don't miss feature: The nearby Waitomo Caves - where thousands of tiny glow-worms illuminate the darkness.

3) Phoenix Suite, Costa Verde

A fully restored Boeing passenger jet suspended in the middle of the Costa Rican jungle. Staying at the Costa Verde is a once-in-a-lifetime thing. The 1965 Boeing 727 was transported from a San Jose salvage yard, erected on a mountainside and renovated into a luxury hotel suite. It's pretty wow. Enjoy a drink on the wooden deck as monkeys and toucans go about their business in the nearby trees.

Where is it? Manuel Antonio National Park, Costa Rica

Don't miss feature: The wooden observation deck which projects from the craft's right wing.

4) Ariau Amazon Towers

This hotel sits in the treetops above the Amazon River, surrounded by exotic wildlife and nature. The eco hotel was built to protect and preserve the jungle that surrounds it. You are high above the jungle, in suites that sit atop grand wooden towers. Take a dip in a treetop swimming pool, or watch the macaws from the observation tower.

Where is it? Brazil's Amazon Rainforest outside Manaus city

Don't miss feature: Its labyrinthine wooden catwalks stretch for six miles and facilitate spontaneous, spectacular canopy tours.

5) Utter Inn

Looking for some solitude? The Utter Inn is a hotel that floats in the middle of a Swedish lake. From the shore it looks like a tiny red hut on the water's surface. However step inside and you'll find stairs taking you below the water's surface. This bedroom area is windowed, so you can watch the fish and other marine life floating past. Back on the surface you can sit on a patio outside, watching the lapping tide as you sip a glass of wine.

Where is it? Lake Mälaren, Sweden

Don't miss feature: The bedroom three metres below the lake's surface