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Tips for a stress-free holiday

06 February 2015 09:38

Follow our tips for a stress-free family holiday

Follow our tips for a stress-free family holiday

Holiday stress can be at its worst before you even reach your destination, what with forgetting to pack an essential item and dealing with screaming toddlers.

We show you how a little preparation can help you have a blissful break. Of course, having peace of mind once you reach your destination is important. So remember to arrange travel insurance.

Read on for tips on packing and keeping the kids entertained on the flight...

Packing tips

1) Make a list . Packing is so much easier if you compile a list of everything you need. In the days leading up to your holiday jot down essential items as you think of them so you don't forget anything. You could download an app or holiday checklist from the internet to help you.

2) Check the baggage allowance . Chucking everything you can find into a case the night before isn't a great idea - and you could go over your allowance. Baggage limits vary for different airlines, so make sure you know the dimensions and weight. If you're travelling with little ones, check the luggage allowance for infants.

3) Check the weather forecast . Not sure what the temperature's going to be? Many destinations are warm during the day but become considerably cooler at night, so don't get caught out.

4) See what facilities your hotel provides . Do you really need to take a hairdryer and different shower gels for all the family? Many hotels provide toiletries and beach towels, for example, so check your resort's website before you start packing.

Keeping children entertained on the flight

1) Take plenty of toys and games . Download some apps to your smartphone or tablet so the kids can play games to stem the boredom. They can be switched to airplane mode during the flight. Colouring books, puzzles and story books are other good options to keep little ones occupied.

2) Feed them regularly . A hungry child is an irritable child. Give them snacks - obviously the healthier the better, but the occasional sweet can be a bargaining tool for good behaviour. Give babies their milk bottle at take-off and landing.

3) Discuss flying and planes . Flying is an amazing experience for a child, and it might be the first time they've been on a plane. Look at pictures of planes, talk about where you're going and get them to count how many passengers there are on the flight.

4) Keep them comfortable . Pack comfy clothing in your hand luggage to help your kids sleep during the journey, and don't forget a change of outfit in case of little accidents. Also, make sure they've got their special blanket.