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Top 10 must-have travel apps

04 June 2019 09:03

Get more out of your smartphone when you go travelling by downloading these travel apps.

Get more out of your smartphone when you go travelling by downloading these travel apps.

Planning that once-in-a-lifetime, round-the-world trip? Maybe you're heading across Europe for a last-minute city-break? Wherever you're going, make your travels easier by downloading these must-have travel apps.

1. Skyscanner

Want to know the best prices for flights? Or maybe you haven't decided where to go and are looking for the best deal available? Whatever you're after, it's hard to beat the offering of flight app Skyscanner. It scans over 1,200 sources and brings up the best flight options for your plans, whether it's the quickest, cheapest, or even the one that has a stopover in Istanbul...

2. Rome2Rio

Sometimes getting from A to B isn't quite as straightforward as jumping on a plane. For those of us with more complex itineraries, it can be a struggle to find the best route – and that's where Rome2Rio comes into its own. With plane, train and bus information from around 160 countries, R2R is a wealth of route-planning wisdom and a great choice if you're looking to cut the number of flights you take.

3. TripIt

If you tend to misplace important documents, you need TripIt. Get all your flight tickets, hotel reservations and route directions sent to your TripIt account and you'll be able to access all this important information in one place. You can also share your TripIt details with other people, meaning a worried parent or would-be travel buddy can easily access your plans.

4. Packing Pro

As any seasoned traveller knows, packing for a big trip can be a confusing exercise, but not if you have Packing Pro. Just tell it where you're going, how long for and other bits – like if you have access to a washing machine – and it'll suggest what you need to pack. Of course, you can add to the list so don't be too offended if it doesn't suggest you take that Hawaiian shirt...

5. Hostelworld

A long-time market leader for backpackers looking to book hostel beds on a budget, Hostelworld is perhaps the sleekest accommodation app around. Hostel listings, descriptions and in-map locations are all readily available, as well as the all-important reviews from fellow members of the Hostelworld community. A great choice for anyone looking to book a last-minute bed at the touch of a button.

6. Duolingo

Want to know how to order a yellow curry in Thai? Maybe you just want to be able to talk to fellow travellers on that overnight train in Siberia. Whatever your motivation for learning the local language, Duolingo can help you get there with its easy-to-use app that turns language learning into a game. Set your own level of commitment and learn daily at your own pace.

7. Google Translate

While Google has a whole host of handy apps for your travels, its most effective is the excellent Google Translate app, which can translate over 100 languages (and counting). Perhaps the most helpful feature is the instant camera translation, which will automatically translate signs, menus and any other text you might need to understand. It even has playback so you won't get caught out with your pronunciation. Probably.

8. Citymapper

If you're exploring a new city, local transportation systems – whether metros, buses, ferries or bikes – can easily confuse. Citymapper takes the stress out of moving around new cities by giving you up-to-the-minute directions on how to get from A to B, including live updates on train and bus lines, and even tips on which carriage to board to make your journey more convenient.

9. XE

As the web's most popular currency conversion website, it's little surprise that the XE app is the go-to download for those looking for an easy way to check exchange rates. Not only can the everyday traveller convert to every world currency, it also has historic currency charts so you can check for trends in the market. It works offline too (saving the latest rate update), so it's a great option even if you're heading off the grid.

10. Trover

Like taking photos but don't fancy bombarding your Instagram followers with a new post every two minutes? With Trover you'll be able to save all your photos in one place within a travel photography community. Not only can you post your own photos, you'll be able to follow in the footsteps of other travellers by checking out their own, geotagged photos for inspiration.

If you're planning your next trip, don't forget travel insurance

As well as downloading these great apps, make sure you get the right cover for your adventure. At World First, we offer a travel insurance policy dedicated to backpackers that'll give you peace of mind for your next chapter.