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Top tips for travelling to a foreign music festival

22 May 2019 08:26

Get the most out of your European festival experience with these top tips.

Get the most out of your European festival experience with these top tips.

Heading abroad this festival season? Check out our top ten tips to make the most of a music festival abroad...

1. Pack light

If you drive to a UK festival it might be tempting to load up the car with enough to cover every eventuality – after all you only need to lug it from the car park. But heading abroad needs a more considered approach to packing as you'll have to carry everything you take – so stick to the essentials!

2. Rent a tent

Camping equipment isn't light, so why not save yourself some strain by renting a tent and other essentials at the festival? It may cost a little extra, but it's well worth it and you won't have to worry about your own gear getting lost or damaged.

3. Make a holiday of it!

Let's face it, music festivals are a lot of fun but rarely restful. So, why not tack on a few extra days and have a little post-festival holiday to recuperate and explore?

4. Do your research

You've booked your flights, but how are you getting to the venue? Most festival websites have all the travel information you'll need along with other useful information about the facilities at the location, like ATMs, storage lockers and Wi-Fi.

5. Check the weather

It's tempting to think foreign festivals don't have the mud bath tendencies of UK festivals, but that's not a given. Check weather forecasts before you pack and double check you don't need those wellies after all.

6. Stay hydrated

The warmer sun of some foreign festivals can catch you off guard. Avoid the first aid tent by drinking plenty of water. Many festivals now offer free water fountains where you can refill so take a reusable bottle with you and remember to keep your fluids topped up!

7. Watch out for the sun

Of course, you're crossing your fingers for a sunny – and dry – weekend but you don't want to end up burnt! Take plenty of sun cream with you and reapply regularly. And wear a hat to avoid getting sunstroke – even if it is a very silly hat.

8. Make sure you have the essentials

Before you pack your glowsticks and glitter tattoos, make sure you have the essentials covered. Ticket, passport, money, phone, camping equipment, headtorch, water bottle, sun cream, toothbrush, medication, bug spray...

9. Take care of your valuables

Don't leave valuables in your tent! Take a little rucksack with you and keep your valuables on you at all times. Or see if there are secure lockers available. And take only what you need – leave the expensive jewellery and watches at home.

10. Get insured!

Give yourself that extra peace of mind when living your best life at a festival by getting covered for every eventuality. At World First, we offer single trip travel insurance and last-minute travel insurance so choose the right cover for you and your party!