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Tourists 'risk valuables on beach'

14 August 2012 11:08

A poll has revealed valuables are often left unattended on the beach

A poll has revealed valuables are often left unattended on the beach

Laid-back holidaymakers forget about security when they hit the beach or pool, a survey has found, leaving hundreds of pounds worth of valuables in their unattended bags.

More than a fifth of British tourists admit taking an 'ostrich' approach to security, leaving their valuables under a towel or sunbed on the sand while they go for a dip, making the prospect of having to make a travel insurance claim more likely.

Digital cameras, cash, mobile phones, watches and, most worryingly passports, are carried round in beach bags instead of being left secure in a hotel safe, the research by Censuswide found.

It discovered more than 50% of British holidaymakers drop their guard by taking money to the beach or pool with 40% keeping their camera with them and 46% unable to be separated from their mobile phone. The average value of beach bag contents was said to be several hundred pounds.

More than a third of tourists said they don't trust hotel safes and although almost one in 10 have had something stolen while they've been at the beach or pool only 20% said they'd use a locker.