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Traditional family holidays 'at risk'

07 July 2016 09:09

More parents are travelling without their partner on family holidays

More parents are travelling without their partner on family holidays

More family holidays are being taken with one of the parents left behind, a new study shows.

Report author Nationwide Savings says difficulties getting working time off, school fines and more expensive term-time trips are largely to blame.

Its poll of 2,000 mothers and fathers with school-age children suggests that traditional family holidays are becoming tougher to achieve, the Daily Telegraph reported.

Stat attack - what the poll finds

• 30% of working parents claim they have gone without their spouse on a trip with their children because of school fines and work constraints

• 10% say they often do this

• 81% admit they find it hard to book off holiday time because of office pressure

• 61% say they have to get in their holiday bookings three months or more beforehand to secure the time off

• Almost 3 in 4 working parents expect to have holidays at different periods to their spouse to facilitate childminding their offspring in school holidays

• 1 in 4 mothers and fathers own up to not telling the real truth for their child's absences at school

Family holiday protection

Whether parents take their children on holiday during term-time or not, one thing is clear and that's the prudence of taking out trusted travel insurance.

This protects families against some of the worst mishaps that can happen during their time away. This includes lost passports and other travel documents, stolen possessions and devices, and mislaid luggage.

What the experts say

A campaign group is calling on ministers to make it easier once more for parents to enjoy term-time family holidays without being "criminalised".

Parents Want a Say spokesman Craig Langman says school fines are making it harder for family units to enjoy a getaway together.