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Travellers reveal holiday secrets

04 March 2016 08:07

Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki, Hawaii

It's human nature for holidaymakers to put a positive spin on their trip and win bragging rights by boasting how good it was.

But it seems t he unspoken flip sides of holiday hotspots are now been named and shamed on a social network bulletin board. Reddit reveals some of the secrets holiday PR executives would rather their customers did not know before ordering their getaway.

Many previously reticent travellers are sharing their experiences, warts and all, with the world to warn them of possible pitfalls. Litter, homelessness, rudeness and muggings are among the unsavoury sights mentioned in some of the posts.

Trouble in paradise

The secret holiday gripes fall into the following four main categories, MailOnline reports:

Rubbish: tourists have panned China, Vietnam, India and Egypt for the state of their streets. Bosnia came in for criticism with its countryside trails adjacent to the Mostar-to-Sarajevo rail link coming in for special attention. Reddit user usthcd says that the trails for rural hikers invariably lead to village dumps. Sslaaitch tells how one tour guide disposed of a finished bottle of water by throwing it over a wall into a front yard - just 20 metres (65ft) from a site given UNESCO heritage status

• Homelessness: India and the US, especially Hawaii, are highlighted. The Pacific archipelago state's Honolulu-based idyllic Waikiki beachfront neighbourhood masks a real homelessness problem, according to Reddit user TimberBucket, who says this is something he never mentioned to his friends. San Francisco is similarly sullied - one user Ragsoftime speaks of his shock at seeing a crack smoker on the city's streets at 4pm

• Rudeness: Kaspium, a French speaker, could work out that Parisian shopkeepers were laughing in their face and speaking about them

• Muggings: Amsterdam and Jerusalem have been exposed as two sites where tourists were robbed. In the first instance, the victim said their attacker spoke English very well

Unforeseen surprises

Of course, the majority of trips pass off snag-free and leave travellers with a wealth of happy memories.

The new posts, however, highlight just how unforeseen things can affect a holiday. Whether it's lost passports, flight tickets or cancelled flights, travel insurance can cover people against m any of these surprises.

While it sadly won't protect against rudeness or litter, it can cover holidaymakers against stolen sunglasses, mislaid luggage and many other common mishaps.