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5 tips for travelling at Christmas - the 'with kids' edition

23 December 2019 08:52

Why not take the kids away this Christmas?

Why not take the kids away this Christmas?

Christmas and kids go together like turkey and bread sauce. Throw travelling into the mix however, and things become a little more complicated. Avoid calamity with our simple tips.

1. Pack gifts wisely

The element of surprise may be lost on Christmas morning if your little ones decide to rummage through your hand luggage while you sleep. Check-in any gifts to avoid premature present discoveries or see if there's an option to have them delivered to your holiday home. Leaving larger presents behind could avoid awkwardness and give you something to look forward to on your return.

2. Pack some decorations

Your new surroundings might not scream winter wonderland. Up the festive factor and bring some of your favourite decorations along to evoke memories of previous celebrations. If decor doesn't do the trick add some of your much-loved traditions to the itinerary to keep the Christmas spirit alive.

3. Explain everything

"Are we there yet?" We're all familiar with the children's travel question, but Christmas complicates things a little further. Just as it's useful to let your kids follow your progress on a map, letting them know things like what to expect with presents, when they might be able to video call relatives and if there'll be any gifts left at home will reassure them.

4. Bring some en route entertainment

Whether you're travelling by rail, road or air, your kids are probably going to have to stay in one place longer than they would prefer. Keep your little ones busy with colouring books, card games and the holy grail of infant entertainment, the tablet. Keep things festive by opting for a Christmas-themed puzzle or by trying your hand at some DIY decoration making.

5. Tell Father Christmas where you'll be

Spending 25th December away from home chimney can be confusing for Father Christmas. Why not get your kids to write a letter to tell the man of the moment where you'll be in advance, so he can make appropriate plans? Send the information along with your Christmas list to save on postage costs and you may receive confirmation in time for your travels.

Flying over the festive period? Don't forget to get covered!

Remember your travel insurance before you prize open your presents. At World First we provide last minute travel insurance with up to £2,000 baggage cover, so you can enjoy Christmas with the kids with peace of mind.