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'Tupperware tourists' save on costs

14 April 2011 13:59

Holidaymakers plan to cut spending by taking packed lunches on trips

Holidaymakers plan to cut spending by taking packed lunches on trips

Many budget-conscious Britons plan to take packed lunches along on their holiday this year to avoid the cost of eating out, a new survey has found.

According to information services group Experian, a quarter of the so-called Middle Britons are likely to turn into "Tupperware tourists" in a bid to save money.

Its poll also revealed "memento misers" - the 29% who do not intend to buy any souvenirs on their trips - and "tented travellers", a further 12% who plan to skip hotel stays for cheaper camping.

Whichever category you fall into, it is important to take out travel insurance before heading abroad.

More than two in five of the 2,000 people surveyed said they would cut down on travel this year, while over eight in 10 said value for money would be the biggest factor when they make holiday plans.

Experian said the sample was representative of Middle Britain - which includes around 13.1 million people and has been categorised based on factors such as income, age, car ownership, type of house, number of holidays, attitudes and behaviours.

This group is made up of three types - those with "suburban mindsets", career people with children and new homemakers.

Spain and France are the top two overseas destinations this year for Middle Britons, but as many as 45% are planning a British beach break, with Devon, Brighton and Blackpool the top spots.

Two in three of those polled said they would be demanding better customer service and better value for money this year.

Experian's UK and Ireland marketing information services managing director Nigel Wilson said: "Our latest analysis sends a clear message to the travel industry, and brands as a whole, that Middle Britain's modern consumers will be more demanding than ever before and want more for their hard-earned cash."